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Why waste when you can reuse. That's the philosophy of Happy Harry's, a growing recycler of building materials. With 11 stores across Canada, the chain has been responsible for diverting over 4,000,000 pounds of building materials from landfill in the past year alone!

Celebrating their first anniversary of successful recycling is the Kelowna, B. C. store owned by Doug Brown. As an example of how effectively the reduce, recycle and reuse philosophy can be practically applied in a commercial operation, the Kelowna Happy Harry's operation has recycled enough lumber since its start-up to stretch end-to-end from City Hall to the Glenmore Landfill. They've also recycled enough plywood to cover an entire football field. What once ended up in a landfill now is finding its way into new construction projects and renovation with real cost savings of up to 60%.

Happy Harry's has pioneered the cost-effective reuse of building materials in a sector that was previously dominated by government subsidized organizations. Happy Harry's founder, Harry Bohna, expands on this concept. "There's so much potential in this industry," he states. "I don't understand why anyone needs any form of government funding to make recycling popular when people can make money at it just by using a bit of common sense."

Customers and industry have eagerly embraced the vision and applied practicalities of Happy Harry's. From run-of-the-mill construction basics to often historically significant architectural details and liquidation goods. Happy Harry's supplies a complete range of quality, reusable building materials.

Come join us for this first anniversary celebration of Happy Harry's Kelowna Store. Who knows, you just might find a window, door, siding material, lumber, fixtures, etc., at a fraction of the cost of these items found at conventional building centres. Plus you'll be helping the environment as well as your pocket book!

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