Win Your Purchase, up to $1500!




The Happy Harry’s Giveaway A Day in May Contest is valid from May 1st to May 31st, 2019. Each Day, one entry/one winner will be selected by random draw from that day’s entrants from all stores.Each Day, every order from each of the participating Happy Harry’s Locations (Bayer’s Lake, Dartmouth, Milford, New Minas) will be automatically entered in that day’s giveaway. The Winners of the Draw will be awarded a Happy Harry’s gift card, in the amount of their purchase that day, up the maximum of $1500.00 or if no purchase was completed by the client that day the customer would be awarded a $ 150.00 gift card.  The winner of the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” must pick up their gift card from one of the participating locations within ten (10) Days.


In the event that a winner of the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” contest wins and then returns any portion of the original Winning receipt for any reason; the prize value will be reduced to the new value of the ticket, or if the new ticket value is below $150.00, it will be reduced to the ballot prize of $ 150.00.  It should be noted that the gift card can only be used towards future purchases, the winner is not allowed to return the original items and use the gift card to repurchase the same stock.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - To receive an entry into the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” Contest - Ballots will be available at the Front Counter at all participating locations (Bayer’s Lake, Dartmouth, Milford, New Minas). All ballots must be filled out in full, with the entrant agreeing to receive Happy Harry’s E-Flyers by the email provided on the ballot.


ELIGIBILITY. The Event is open to all legal residents of Canada who are at least eighteen (18) years of age (each an “Entrant”).  It is understood that the Gift Cards have no cash value and can’t be sold or used by anyone other than the person that won that day in the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” at Happy Harry’s.


Once our daily draw has taken place the winner of the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” contest will be contacted by phone to notify them of their prize.


The winner will need to pick up their prize at the store they shopped at and bring a piece of ID including their picture.  Once the draw has taken place no further draws will be completed and all entries will remain the property of Happy Harry’s.


The daily winner by accepting the prize for that day acknowledges that Happy Harry’s will be using their name as part of our advertising winner’s list for the “Giveaway-A-Day-In-May” contest.